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Clean, functional formulas designed to keep you hydrated when you need it most.

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Powerful Hydration

Replenishing essential minerals, vitamins and next-level flavour to take your water from bland, to feel-good flavour.
Enjoy the citrus burst of fresh oranges, invigorating your hydration routine with vibrant zest. You’ll love the fresh flavour.
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Delight in the sweet and refreshing flavour of watermelon while also giving your body the hydration it needs to thrive.
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Dirty Cola
Everybody loves a classic. Peak your hydration with the classic taste of effervescent cola with every sip, revitalizing your senses.
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Blackberry lemonade
Packed with the natural goodness of coconut water, magnesium citrate, and the refreshing burst of Blackberry Lemonade flavor
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The Ultimate 2-for-1: Hydration

Effective hydration reinforced with a range of functional benefits. Get even more from your water.
Hydration + Immunity
Hydration + Immunity
Unlock the ultimate secret to immune strength with Peak Hydration Immunity. Packed with the power of Vitamin C and Zinc, this blend boasts a vibrant blackcurrant flavour that's as delicious as it is supportive.
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Hydration + Nights
Dark Cherry
Crafted with the calming essence of Passionflower and the soothing embrace of Tart Cherry Powder, this blend will have you drifting into dreamland effortlessly.
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Hydration + Clean Energy
Cold Brew Coffee
Specifically formulated to provide you with a clean source of energy throughout the day, Clean Energy Cold Brew is packed with the natural goodness of vitality.
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Hydration + Focus
Formulated to provide you with mental clarity and sharp focus, our Focus blend is packed with the natural goodness of vitality. A fresh and crisp taste of Pomegranate - it's your secret to sharpness throughout your day.
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Hydration + Collagen Booster
Passionfruit Hibiscus
Give your skin, hair and nails some love with a clean source of collagen. The Collagen Booster blend will leave you feeling hydrated and youthful in no time.
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Hydration + Gut Restore
Discover the ultimate hydration and gut loving secret with Peak Hydration Gut Restore. Specifically formulated to with 2 billion probiotics per serve, our Gut Restore blend is packed with natural goodness.
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Expert Testimonials

Perfect for training, recovery and wellbeing
Nathan Cheong
Melrose CEO
These are my go-to for all things hydration
Jono Castano
Celebrity Trainer
The perfect blend for electrolyte balance
Dilara Gray
Head of Research and Development

Reach Your Peak Hydration

Peak Hydration is the ultimate solution for the 8 out of 10 Australians currently grappling with the effects of dehydration. Tailored by experts, Peak Hydration is specifically crafted to facilitate quick and effective rehydration, with powerful formulations in single serve formats.

How We Hydrate, Differently

Peak Hydration’s single serve hydration sachets include 500mg of sodium, 30mg of magnesium and 100mg of potassium. This combination of essential electrolytes ensures a balanced and comprehensive approach to rehydration, supporting overall body performance and enabling individuals to perform at their peak.
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