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Organ meats

Grass Fed Beef Liver
100% Beef liver sourced from grass fed cattle which have grazed the lush pastures in Tasmania, Australia.
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Men's Optimal
Liver, Testicles & Heart
Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are important for maintaining a healthy body and mind.
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Nose to Tail Multi
Liver, Heart, Kidney & Brain
Achieve ultimate nutrition intake and reach peak physical performance while supporting your well-being.
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Women's Replenish
Liver, Cartilage & Heart
A premium blend of liver, cartilage, and heart that is specifically formulated to support women's health.
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Expert Testimonials

Melrose Origins have been a game-changer
Jono Castano
Celebrity Trainer
High quality & ethically sourced nutrition
Danny Urbinder 
Qualified Naturopath
The most nutrient dense superfood
Nathan Cheong
Melrose CEO


Gut Nourishing Bone Broth Powder
A fusion of organic beef bone broth, collagen, and turmeric.
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Organic Beef Bone Broth Powder
A premium organic beef broth powder for your health goals.
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Wellbeing Support Bone Broth Powder
Harmoniously blending red miso, organic beef bone broth.
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Organic Chicken bone broth bombs
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Unlock the power of organs

We make our supplements from the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet - organ meats. And our unique freeze-drying process ensures all the nutrients in this precious food are preserved. This means you get all of the benefits of nature’s superfood in a clean, convenient and taste-free capsule.
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Pasture to power

Our organ supplements are 100% sourced from regeneratively raised, grass-fed & finished cattle, and free from hormones, pesticides and artificial ingredients.
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