10 Smoothies for Every Mood

10 Smoothies for Every Mood

There’s nothing like a good old smoothie for helping you pack extra nutrients into your day. As long as you have a few staple ingredients on hand, a good smoothie can make the healthiest of ingredients taste indulgent.

We’ve gone one step further with our smoothies, creating specific blends to help you feel on top of your game, no matter what your day is about to throw at you. Choose your own adventure with recipes by our resident whole-foods chef, Dani Venn, and get blending.

1. The Motivation Boost

MCT Oil, Coconut milk, Acai and other goodies combine in this blend to give you an instant energy boost and healthy dose of brain-loving good fats. The perfect breakfast for when you need a hit of confidence. 

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2. The Stress-Ease

Boost your serotonin levels with this tangy and delightful blend, designed to give you energy while keeping you cool, calm and collected.

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3. The De-bloat

Gut not feeling the love? Feed your good bacteria with ingredients known to support your gut such as Banana, green kiwi and our Organic Essential Greens

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4. The Detoxifier

After a little too much indulgence, this smoothie will get you right back on the straight and narrow. The coveted celery combines with avocado, our Essential Greens powder and other green goodies for a refreshing start to your day.

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5. The Inner Glow

We know what’s on the inside can affect our skin and this smoothie is an antioxidant powerhouse, perfect for promoting that inner glow. God fats from avocado and flaxseed oil are the paired expertly with dark red berries and our astaxanthin rich Essential Reds powder.

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6. The Muscle Soother

Help to reduce inflammation with this perfect post-workout treat. Inflammation fighting ingredients such as turmeric, oats and flaxseed oil work synergistically to downplay inflammation and help to soothe sore muscles.

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7. The Immunity Tonic

Feeling under the weather? This smoothie is chock full of immune-supporting ingredients like our Essential C+ Immune powder, ginger, probiotic coconut yoghurt and lemon. 

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8. The Low-Carb Energy Booster

Beat the 3.30-itis with this blend that boosts energy without the sugar crash. MCT, black coffee, cacao and coconut milk combine for a creamy and guilt free afternoon snack.

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9. The Relaxer

Creamy, indulgent and plain delicious. This is the healthy smoothie you need when you’re craving dessert. The unlikely combination of Almond Butter and Miso paste might sound odd, but it’s an absolute game changer.

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10. The Keto

Fruit-filled smoothies are generally a no-go on a keto or low-carb diet, until now! This creamy, thick, and tasty smoothie is low on carbs but full of flavor with an added hit of MCT oil to give your energy levels a boost. Choc-full of healthy fats and berry antioxidants, this is the perfect smoothie to enjoy any time of day, keto or not.

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