Meet Melrose Health

We live for healthier people, the world over, every day

Our Story

At Melrose, we exist to make it easier for everyone to feel and be healthier, naturally. For more than 40 years, weโ€™ve been obsessing over finding the best ingredients that nature has to offer.

Our story began in 1979 when Geoff Steinicke, a Chemist by trade, started to realise the significant benefits health foods and natural supplements could have on overall health. With limited natural products available through Australian pharmacies at the time, Geoff set about importing and selling preventative medicines such as flaxseed oil. Fast forward to today and we are a passionate team of over 100, providing products to millions of consumers worldwide.

From Farm to You
We're proud to work closely with passionate farmers that care about nutrition and the best that natural can offer. All of our ingredients are harvested and snap dried, cold pressed or squeezed at source to ensure they maintain optimal nutrition.
Quality and Purity
Our expert team of food technologists, nutritionists and quality officers are passionate about creating products that make a real difference to your health, and meticulously test every ingredient that enters and leaves our doors.

Proudly Australian Owned and Operated