Passionate about providing access to quality nutrition for all

Supporting healthy communities across Australia

At Melrose, our mission is simple: we live for healthier people, the world over, every day. Our products are part of that mission, but we also understand that not everyone can easily access fresh, healthy foods.

This is why weโ€™ve partnered with Food Ladder, a not-for-profit organisation that supports remote Australian communities to gain long-term access to fresh foods and prevent malnourishment.

Every sale of Melrose products will contribute to our annual donation to Food Ladder and help to reduce malnourishment in remote areas of Australia and beyond.

Food Ladders mission

Food Ladder is a not-for-profit established in 2010 with the aim of addressing global malnourishment by giving people the tools to stop hunger and provide good quality, fresh nutrition.

Food Ladder provide communities both in Australia and abroad with hydroponic greenhouses and specialised training so they can grow fruit and vegetables, and set up their own social enterprise selling fresh and nutritious food.

Food Ladder have already changed the lives of 11 local communities who own, manage and run their greenhouses across Australia, India, Bhutan and Uganda.

They are on track to roll out 20 new greenhouses by the end of 2021.


Now and the future

In addition to helping via funding, Melrose is working towards a deeper partnership linking our joined passion for nutrition with our aim to use bush superfoods such as lemongrass (that are grown in Food Ladder social enterprises) in our products.

Freshly grown food at the heart of isolated communities