3 Ways You Can Beat Brain Fog For Good

3 Ways You Can Beat Brain Fog For Good

After this pandemic period, many of us have felt the slow onslaught of the befuddling brain fog. This overwhelming feeling of sluggishness and fatigue, where you’re thinking processes are so slow and cumbersome, can actually lead to anxiety, headaches and even depression if left unaddressed and ignored. Brain fog can last longer and feel like different things to different people, but many of the same treatments or fixes can help remove the common causes. 

3 Ways You Can Beat Brain Fog For Good

What are the Brain Fog Causes?

Firstly, we need to think about what causes brain fog. There are a number of reasons for the onset of brain fog, such as overworking, lack of sleep, stress and even spending too much time in front of a screen. Hormonal changes and medications can also have an effect on feeling brain fog. When we overlook our physical and mental health, brain fog comes as a result. The variety of reasons that can cause brain fog means that in order to solve it, you must first understand the underlying instigators, and then apply the appropriate response to address them.

Signs & Symptoms of Brain Fog

Well, what does brain fog feel like and how long does it last? These questions can have varying answers, but some of the most common brain fog symptoms include a loss of mental clarity, trouble concentrating, difficulty remembering things, slow thinking, clumsiness, fatigue, and irritability. In serious cases, anxiety and depression can follow these symptoms, making it even more challenging to clear brain fog. 

How to Cure Brain Fog

Changing Habits Around Sleep & Stress

Improving our lifestyle habits, like the quality of our sleep and our ongoing stress levels, have a profound effect on brain fog and the symptoms we experience. To fix or cure brain fog for good, ensuring we receive the right amount of quality sleep is essential to refresh and rejuvenate the brain. This, along with reducing stress, helps to clear the mind and improve cognition to fight the brain fog feeling. 

Nourish Your Brain

The brain itself is made up of different fats and proteins. In order to keep it healthy, it is important to make sure that our diets include lots of vegetables, protein and good fats in order to maintain and nourish the brain. In doing so, this will enhance the body’s energy production and regeneration as it absorbs the best vitamins it needs. Some foods to beat brain fog include green leafy vegetables, lean meats, and fish. If you cannot manage to fit an adequate amount of these into your diet, then it might be worthwhile to consider adding supplements and vitamins into your diet, such as MCT oil.

Move It or Lose It

Like any muscle, if we don’t use it, it falls into atrophy. Increased levels of activity and exercise have been directly connected with sharper mental acuity and processing, including a better memory and a happier mood. By exercising regularly, the body releases chemicals like cytokines and endorphins which help rejuvenate and restore the brain, helping to clear the brain fog feeling. 

Brain Fog Treatment & Supplements

The best vitamins and supplements to help cure brain fog are those which support the body’s natural processes to revitalise and engage the brain. Working in tandem with a healthy diet to beat brain fog, these supplements complement foods to provide the body with rich, organic vitamins and minerals.

At Melrose Health, we have a variety of supplements ready to help clear the feeling of brain fog and refocus your brain to fully engage with the tasks of daily life. Contact us at Melrose Health today to find out more about our range to help cure the feeling of brain fog for good.

NOTE: Melrose has provided this material for your information. It is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your health care provider(s). We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with your health care practitioner.

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