At Melrose, We Know Our Oils

At Melrose, We Know Our Oils

Melrose has been the foundational kitchen oil brand in Australia, in health, for almost 40 years. The Melrose range already has the largest footprint in health and is sought after for our exclusive oils. Melrose has long had a direct relationship with local farmers.

Safflower seed oil was the first to be bottled by Melrose. The seeds were purchased from a farm in NSW then sent to an oil processor for pressing and back to Melrose for bottling. In 1994, Melrose entered a joint venture with a grain and seed milling company to produce our own range of organic oils. That same year Melrose purchased an oil expeller and pressed and bottled the first Melrose Organic Sunflower Oil. Over time Melrose introduced more healthy oils into the range, pressing and bottling Flaxseeds, Safflower, Sesame and Mustard Seeds.ย 

Manufacture โ€“ why is this important

It is important to consider the manufacturing process when choosing your kitchen oils. Many vegetable oils are produced using chemicals and solvents such as hexane. This process can degrade the value of the oil, destroying valuable nutrients and antioxidants. The solvent or chemical is used to penetrate the oil-bearing cells of a raw product to extract the oil.

Expeller or cold pressing are mechanical methods that do not use any damaging chemicals or solvents. Cold pressing is a process that exposes fruit or seeds to pressing via a steel press. Cold pressed oils retain their flavour, aroma and nutritional value. Expeller pressing is a chemical free process where the nut or seed is compressed to force the oil out. Once again, the oil produced retains the nutritional value, flavour and aroma from the raw product.

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Dione Promm

(BHealthSc, GradCertPMgt)

Dione Promm is a Naturopath and the Head of Science and New Product Development at Melrose Health Australia.

She heads up the Research & Development function where research, testing and formulation is undertaken to create evidence based, efficacious dietary supplements and premium quality health foods.

Dione has worked within the natural health sector for over 15 years with qualifications in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Product Development.