C8 MCT Oil VS Coconut Oil: Which Is Better?

C8 MCT Oil VS Coconut Oil: Which Is Better?

C8 MCT Oil and Coconut Oil are very similar on the surface and are increasingly popular across Australia. They have similar effects, similar origins and similar uses; however, they are by no means the same product. So, what is MCT oil and what are the benefits of using it? 

C8 MCT Oil VS Coconut Oil: Which Is Better?

What is MCT Oil?

When asking what is organic MCT oil, we need to look at it from a molecular level. MCT oil is a type of fat made from coconuts, but is designed to be a more concentrated compound that consists of three fatty acids and one glycerol molecule. This is important to note as C8 MCT oil is more readily broken down in the body, where it is quickly converted to energy and sent around for various functions. MCT oil and powder provides a range of health benefits with few side effects. 

Benefits of Coconut MCT Oil

As mentioned above, there are a number of coconut MCT oil benefits, including hydration of the skin, promoting weight loss and increasing energy available for rapid expenditure. It is a great source of MCT itself, and is used for positive effects like defending against viruses, protecting against cardiovascular disease, and even staving off cancer.

Benefits of C8 MCT Oil

The many benefits of organic C8 MCT oil and powder are similar to those from coconut oil, including regulating appetite, supporting weight loss and boosting metabolism. However, unlike coconut oil, MCT oil can be used for boosting energy levels by being quickly broken down in the body for faster absorption and energy production. It is also a flavourless substance, and as such can be added to any and all meals without any impact on taste or texture. Like coconut oil, there are many benefits of MCT oil for the skin, including antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties to help improve skin health and quality. 

MCT Oil vs Coconut Oil: Is C8 Better than Coconut Oil?

As we have established, organic MCT oil and coconut oil are largely similar products, used for similar purposes. It is possible to consume both oils on their own or as part of meals or beverages, they are both healthy sources of fats and they both have many health benefits, such as promoting weight loss. However, it is necessary to consume much more coconut oil to fully achieve the same effects as a small dose of C8 MCT oil.

There are many ways to use organic MCT oil or powder, such as adding it to coffee, salads and smoothies, all without impacting the quality of the meal or beverage. However, coconut has its own sweet taste which can either improve or alter a dish, depending on individual preferences and tastes.

Alternately, coconut oil has a higher smoke point than MCT oil, making it preferable for cooking with. It also has more nourishing, hydrating effects on the skin and hair, which lends coconut oil to be a more desirable option for beauty and skincare purposes.

Where to Buy MCT Oil in Australia

Ultimately, coconut and MCT oil and powder each have their uses and health benefits for individuals across Australia, depending on what you want to use them for. At Melrose Health, we have a range of organic MCT oils and powders available to buy online across Australia. Whatever your need, Melrose MCT oil is ideal for boosting physical and mental health and performance, all while being organic and caffeine-free. With many positive MCT oil reviews, our products deliver all the benefits of MCT oil and are made from natural ingredients. For more information about our range, contact us today.

NOTE:Melrose has provided this material for your information. It is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your health care provider(s). We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with your health care practitioner. 

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