Kitchen Oils Smoke Point

Kitchen Oils Smoke Point

It's important to find the kitchen oil that is right for your cooking needs - be that frying on high heat, baking or simply seasoning or dressing a dish.

The smoke point refers to the temperature at which a particular oil begins to visibly smoke. Once this temperature is exceeded the chemical structure of the oil can break down resulting in flavour changes, nutritional degradation and the formation of harmful bi-products. The toxic compounds produced can circulate your body, causing inflammation. To help you choose the best oil for your recipe, we have included the smoke point on our labels. You can also find this information in our Melrose Healthy Kitchen Oil Comparison Chart.ย 

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Danny Urbinder

Danny Urbinder is a qualified naturopath and lecturer. He has been passionate about complementary and integrative medicine for over 25 years.

As a qualified naturopath who graduated from the Southern School of Natural Medicine, Danny lectured in Nutritional Biochemistry at the Australian College of Natural Medicine for many years. He also worked in functional pathology at Australian Reference Laboratories as Technical Services and State Manager.

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