Meet Our Melrose Experts

Meet Our Melrose Experts

Here at Melrose, we truly believe you can eat your way to health and have partnered with a team of experts to bring you the latest science, healthy recipes and tips and tricks on how natural ingredients can optimise how you feel and perform, every day. Meet the team below and stay tuned for more expert content across our socials and here on our website.

Dani Venn

Otherwise known as the Wholehearted Cook, Dani Venn is a chef, wellness advocate and lover of all things food - not to mention also a mum to two gorgeous boys! 

You probably recognise Dani from her days on Masterchef in 2011, 2020 All Star and again last year in 2021 to take home the win. Dani has carved a space for herself in the Australian wellness space by crafting hundreds of easy and simple family friendly recipes that harvest impactful flavour while nourishing the body from the inside out. 

Dani Venn works closely with Melrose Health to create recipes that champion exactly that!

Favourite Melrose Health Product: MCT Oil to kickstart my morning!

Dr. Julie Chen

Dr. Julie Chen BSc, ND (CAN), Melrose Head of Science & Innovation

Dr. Chen moved to Australia to head up science and innovation, now positioning her as the leading brains behind the formulation of your beloved Melrose staples. Carrying with her a strong belief that natural health should be easy, delicious and accessible Dr. Julie Chen produces great tasting products packed with wellness benefits delivered by the highest quality ingredients.

"The most amazing thing is seeing how nutrition, herbs and other modalities of natural medicine can bring and restore health and balance to someone.  To see significant improvement in a patient’s condition and be able to bring joy is so inspiring".

Favourite Product: There are so many products that I love. I love that the range of omegas because they are so versatile and potent and can address so many health concerns.  I love the vitamin C range since it’s used by my whole family and we can adjust the dose depending on what we are using it for.  So I think those are my favourites this month

Liv Kaplan

Liv is an Australian nutritionist (BSc Human Nutrition & Genetics), specialising in sugar-free and gut-friendly food. With an approach like no other, focusing on real food over products, Liv’s ideas and knowledge cut through the noise, helping you understand food and wellness in a way you’ve never thought of before.

“When it comes to health, I believe it’s not about what you can’t have. It’s about what you can have! True wellness enhances our lives, rather than adding yet another thing to our plate. When implemented correctly it allows us to fully align with our goals, missions and true selves. It’s my mission to bring love and positivity back into food, everything from cooking it to shopping for it to talking about it to eating it! And I hope to inspire you to get the same love and satisfaction out of it that I do".

Favourite Melrose Health Product: That's an easy one, Essential Reds is always on rotation in my routine for glowing skin!

Reece Hignell

Known for his architectural sweet creations, the Newcastle native has made a name for himself since appearing on Masterchef, where we were first introduced to his Classic baking and plant based recipes. Nowadays you won't find Reece too far from his new bakery @cakeboi - home to all things delicious! 

A baker and vegan with a mission to showcase the world of plant power to as many people as he can through his innovative recipes!

Favourite Melrose Health Product: Essential Reds in his morning smoothie everyday!

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Dione Promm

(BHealthSc, GradCertPMgt)

Dione Promm is a Naturopath and the Head of Science and New Product Development at Melrose Health Australia.

She heads up the Research & Development function where research, testing and formulation is undertaken to create evidence based, efficacious dietary supplements and premium quality health foods.

Dione has worked within the natural health sector for over 15 years with qualifications in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Product Development.