Mornings with Melrose - Victoria

Mornings with Melrose - Victoria

Is a rock-solid morning routine the key to a successful day? We think it certainly helps and are meeting up with a range of every-day people doing interesting things to take a peek into what their mornings look like.


You may recognise Victoria’s infectious personality from the podcast she co-hosts, She’s on the Money. An award-winning financial planner with multiple projects under her belt, Victoria’s always on the go, but knows the importance of looking after her health at the same time. We take a look at a regular morning for Victoria and the plant-based hack she uses to keep her hair and skin glowing from the inside out. 

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Dione Promm

(BHealthSc, GradCertPMgt)

Dione Promm is a Naturopath and the Head of Science and New Product Development at Melrose Health Australia.

She heads up the Research & Development function where research, testing and formulation is undertaken to create evidence based, efficacious dietary supplements and premium quality health foods.

Dione has worked within the natural health sector for over 15 years with qualifications in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Product Development.