Nutritional Facts Behind Green Superfood Powders and Their Effectiveness

Nutritional Facts Behind Green Superfood Powders and Their Effectiveness

If asked whether we include enough vegetables in our everyday diets, many of us will probably have to answer we do not. It can be so simple to opt for a meal that is quicker to source or prepare, even if the nutritional value is largely diminished.

Nutritional Facts Behind Green Superfood Powders and Their Effectiveness

Fortunately, green powders have been introduced to rave reviews as a dietary supplement with the purpose of allowing us to get our daily dose of superfoods with ease. Together, this can work towards improving your body’s immunity system, energy, and detoxify actions. Before choosing which option is right for you, it is always important for specific reviews to include comprehensive nutritional facts behind green powder effectiveness. 

What are Green Superfood Powders?

Simply put, green superfood powders are a blend of common, highly beneficial foods that users can mix into water and other drinks for faster, easier consumption. Some natural sugar substitutes (such as stevia leaf extract) are also often added to improve the overall flavour of the beverages. 

One of the most important facts behind the nutrition of these powders is that they will typically contain between 25 and 40 different ingredients, such as leafy greens (collards, kale, parsley, spinach), vegetables (carrots, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes), fruits high in antioxidants (raspberries, blueberries and acai), herbs, probiotics, plant-based digestive enzymes, nutritional extracts, extra fibre, and more. 

The process typically involves each ingredient being dried and ground to create the powder, or potentially pre-juiced and dehydrated, giving the overall green colours as they are combined. Ingesting all these superfoods can deliver a considerable proportion of your recommended daily intake of an array of nutrients, including Vitamin A, C & K, sodium, protein, calcium, iron, iodine, selenium, chromium, and potassium.

Benefits of Green Superfood Powders

The effectiveness of green superfood powders will naturally vary, particularly based on the amount consumed over an extended period. Those consuming the nutrients described above, however, will notice a range of benefits supporting their overall wellness, especially when paired with a rounded diet and active lifestyle.  

Improve immune function and digestive health

If you are looking to build a stronger immunity or lessen the symptoms of allergies and common illnesses, green superfood powders have proven effectiveness due to the presence of Vitamins A and C. These support white blood cell production and build a stronger immunity. With the addition of probiotics, the balance of good and bad bacteria within our gut is kept at a healthy equilibrium, further improving our immune response, and ensuring we have a well-run digestive system. This means a lowering of bloating, abdominal discomfort, and gassiness. 


Sometimes we just need to expel a build-up of negative elements from our bodies. While there are a range of nutritional facts surrounding green superfood powders, the plant compounds also help the body burn calories more efficiently, delivering more energy to us. And when the liver processes and detoxifies particular compounds, it will release free radicals into the body. Antioxidants present within the powders can adequately neutralise these free radicals to cleanse the body. 

Melrose Super Blends

Melrose Health has a wide range of Super Blends products that are combine a variety of natural, dried food and extracts. Ingredients are carefully selected based on nutrition-backed facts to deliver optimal effectiveness, such as chlorella, barley grass, wheatgrass, spirulina and more. 

Melrose greens and reds powder products are packed with potent, nutrient dense foods to improve your diet, aid in detoxing your body from impurities, generating more energy, promoting weight loss, better gut and digestive health, and delivering clean, clear skin. 

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