Redefining Comfort Foods

Redefining Comfort Foods

How to make healthy choices that stick, without feeling like you are missing out.

Do you feel like every time you make an effort to eat well or be healthier in some way, you feel scared of missing out on all of your favourite comfort foods? 

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

In fact, in order to have a sustainable healthy lifestyle, meaning something you can easily do forever, it is important you don’t feel like you are missing out or deprived.  

Otherwise, you inevitably cave in to doing those things you told yourself you weren’t going to do. 

And it’s even more important that you enjoy what you are eating, whatever that may be. 

We have to get out of the mentality that just because you are doing something healthy, that automatically it means you lose out on flavour, on joy, on happiness. 

Wouldn’t it be nicer if 80% of the time you made healthy choices with ease that you truly enjoy and look forward to, and the other 20% you indulge in what you desire without any guilt or regret? You’d feel much better. 

That said, for this to be successful, it’s time we reframe the way we think about food. 

Part of the guilt and the deprivation comes from what we see as “comfort food”.

You see, the thing about comfort is that it’s unique to everyone. And with a small mind shift, we can really reshape what brings us comfort and happiness. 

The second we hear comfort food, we often think of greasy burgers and chips, sugar filled candy and all sorts of junk food. 

But when did comfort = junk? 

The more likely reality is that junk food actually causes discomfort, not the other way around. 

So, let’s redefine what “comfort” food truly is, and you’ll be on the path to a much easier and more enjoyable life. 

Comfort can be…

  • Waking up feeling energised instead of sore and achy and tired. 
  • Looking forward to your nourishing salad for lunch because you want to feel good throughout the afternoon. 
  • Taking some time to drink your signature coffee order made by your favourite barista at a cafe instead of rushing out the door with a takeaway in the car. 
  • Preparing a delicious healthy meal on the weekend so you have something to enjoy throughout the week instead of turning to food delivery.
  • Adding a boost of nutrients to your daily favourite dishes to take them from something you love, to something your body loves you back for too. 
  • Enjoying desserts with added powerful superfoods to up the level of antioxidants (talk about treats you can enjoy without guilt or regret!) 

Now doesn’t that feel amazing? 

So what can you do to start a health journey that feels easy, is sustainable and best of all, comfortable?

  • Give up any exercise you hate doing, and instead commit daily to the activity styles that bring you joy. Invite a friend to join you so you get the added dopamine (the neurotransmitter that makes us feel good) of socialising. 

  • Instead of overhauling your entire diet, simply add a boost of superfoods to the meals you love and enjoy daily, this could be adding antioxidants to your smoothie in the form of Melrose Essential Reds, or a dose of greens to your avocado on toast by mashing through some Organic Essential Greens.

  • Keep your daily routine of walking to your favourite cafe with your favourite reusable cup. Add a dash of MCT Oil into the cup before you go to enhance your energy without even noticing. 

  • Enjoy your favourite foods in moderation without any guilt or worry, and stay confident in all the daily practices you are doing to feel great.   

And remember, when it comes to healthy lifestyle change, every little bit adds up. And you are far more likely to stick to these changes for good if they are easy and incremental. Health can be simple and easy if you allow it to be! 

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