What Are the Benefits of MCT Oil in Coffee?

The morning coffee ritual is a cherished routine for many, and in recent years, a new trend has emerged: adding MCT oil to coffee. This combination has gained popularity, especially among those following a ketogenic diet. But what exactly does MCT oil add to your morning brew? At Melrose Health, we're all about enhancing wellness through natural, sustainable ingredients. Let's explore the benefits of MCT oil in coffee and why it might be the upgrade your morning routine needs.

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What is MCT Oil?

Before diving into the benefits of MCT oil in coffee, let's first understand what MCT oil is. MCT stands for Medium-Chain Triglycerides, a type of fat found in certain oils like coconut oil. MCT oil is known for its rapid absorption and metabolism, making it a quick source of energy. Unlike other fats, it’s less likely to be stored as body fat and more likely to be burned for energy. Learn more about the composition and benefits of MCT oil in our article - What is MCT?

Energising Your Morning: The Benefits of MCT Oil in Coffee

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When you add MCT oil to your coffee, you're not just enhancing its flavour – you're supercharging your morning with a burst of energy. The MCTs in the oil provide a quick and sustained energy boost, perfect for kick-starting your day. It's an ideal addition for those who need an extra push to get going in the morning. 

The Keto Connection: What is Keto Coffee?

For followers of the ketogenic diet, MCT oil in coffee - often referred to as keto coffee - is a staple. Keto coffee is a combination of coffee, MCT oil, and often, butter. This high-fat, low-carb drink aligns with the keto diet principles, helping to maintain a state of ketosis where the body burns fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. 

A Recipe for Wellness: Best Keto Coffee Recipe

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Creating the best keto coffee recipe is simple. Start with a cup of high-quality coffee, add a tablespoon of Melrose MCT oil, and if you're inclined, a pat of Grass-fed Ghee ABC Butter. Blend it to a frothy consistency. This blend not only tastes delicious but also provides the energy and mental clarity to power through your morning. 

As we mentioned before you can also try the MCT Coffee Blend to save you the hassle. 

Beyond the Cup: Other Ways to Take MCT Oil

While adding MCT oil to coffee is popular, there are other ways to incorporate it into your diet. It can be mixed into smoothies, drizzled over salads, or used as a substitute for conventional oils in various recipes. The versatility of MCT oil makes it a convenient supplement for those looking to enhance their health. 

Tailored for Your Health: Melrose MCT Oil

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Melrose MCT oil stands out in its commitment to quality. Sourced from sustainable, natural ingredients and manufactured in Australia, it's a product you can trust. Incorporating Melrose MCT oil into your coffee or diet is a step towards embracing a healthier lifestyle. 

Listening to Your Body: Can You Have Too Much?

As with any supplement, moderation is key. While the health benefits of MCT oil are significant, it's important to listen to your body. Starting with a small amount and gradually increasing it can help your body adjust to the oil without any discomfort.

A Simple Addition with Significant Benefits

Adding MCT oil to your morning coffee can be a simple yet effective way to boost your energy levels, support your keto diet

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