What Is Hydrolysed Collagen? Your Comprehensive Guide


Hydrolysed collagen has become extremely popular among health-conscious individuals. 

But what is hydrolysed collagen and what does it mean for your wellbeing? 

In this guide, we shed light on this intriguing ingredient that's making waves in the health and beauty industries.

Collagen Hydrolysate Vs Hydrolyzed Collagen: Understanding the Terminology

Before we unpack what hydrolysed collagen is, let’s first clarify the confusion between 'collagen hydrolysate' and 'hydrolysed collagen'. 

Good news — the terms are actually interchangeable and refer to the same compound.  

So, take your pick! Here, we’ll be referring to the compound as hydrolysed collagen. 

What Is Hydrolysed Collagen?

Collagen, in its natural form, can be broken down into smaller, easy-to-digest molecules.

These molecules are known as hydrolysed collagen. 

This hydrolysation process makes collagen more bioavailable, meaning our bodies can absorb and utilise it more efficiently.


What is the Difference Between Hydrolysed Collagen, Collagen Peptides, and Marine Collagen?

Hydrolysed collagen and collagen peptides are essentially the same, with both terms often used interchangeably. 

However, the distinction between hydrolysed collagen and marine collagen is worth understanding. 

While both types are beneficial, marine collagen is derived from fish and is rich in Type 1 collagen, which is beneficial for skin, hair, and nails. 

Hydrolysed collagen can come from various sources, including bovine and fish, and typically contains a mix of collagen types.

Does Hydrolysed Collagen Work?

We now know what hydrolysed collagen is, but does it really work? 

The simple answer is 'yes'. 

Thanks to its bioavailability, hydrolysed collagen is very beneficial for the skin, joint health, and more. 

It's commonly used in anti-ageing products, as it's believed to boost skin elasticity, hydration, and overall appearance. 

Research also indicates that hydrolysed collagen can support joint health, improve bone density, and even aid in muscle recovery.


Exploring the Benefits: Is Collagen Hydrolysate Good for You?

Numerous studies support the health benefits of collagen hydrolysate. 

From boosting skin health and slowing the signs of ageing to improving joint function and bone density, hydrolysed collagen can support the health of multiple systems in the body. 

Its high bioavailability ensures that the body absorbs and utilises it effectively, translating to noticeable health and beauty benefits.

How to Take Hydrolysed Collagen: A Simple Guide

Incorporating hydrolysed collagen into your diet is easy and hassle-free, which explains why people are taking to the supplement in droves. 

It usually comes in powder form, making it easy to mix into drinks, smoothies, or food. 

Ensure you follow the recommended dosage on the product packaging and combine your intake with a balanced diet and regular exercise to optimise its effectiveness. 

Securing Your Supply: Where to Buy Collagen Hydrolysate

When it comes to buying collagen hydrolysate, choose a trusted source that guarantees quality and purity. 

Here at Melrose Health, we’re passionate about making it easier for everyone to feel better and be healthier naturally. Our Australian-made supplements are formulated to enhance your health and wellbeing, support great gut health, and rejuvenate your skin. 

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Alternatively, our Melrose MCT + Collagen Blend is the ultimate 2-in-1 formula designed to boost your energy and promote skin health. 

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Explore our collection of Australian-made hydrolysed collagen supplements. 

Want to chat with us about what hydrolysed collagen is and how it works? We’re here to help. Get in touch with us to learn more about this super-supplement.

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