Why Massage Is Vital to Everyone’s Health Routine

Why Massage Is Vital to Everyone’s Health Routine

Today’s hectic pace of life can be incredibly stressful. One of the most popular ways to unwind is massage. It can have a calming effect on your mind and body, providing a powerful energy boost to help you get through the day. Best of all, you can perform the technique on your own and enjoy tremendous massage health benefits without visiting a spa.

Let’s see how massage can improve your well-being and why you should incorporate it into your daily routine.

Benefits of Getting a Massage

Massage is an incredibly soothing experience that can help take your mind off everyday concerns. However, the favourable effects of therapeutic rubdowns run much deeper:

Alleviating Stress

Massage is popular as it dramatically reduces anxiety symptoms. It stimulates a calming, parasympathetic response, resulting in decreased nervousness. Best of all, the effects of regular massage can last for quite a while.  

Eased Muscle Tension

Suburban life can take a massive toll not just mentally but also physically. Muscle tension, joint stiffness, and back injuries are all on the rise. The current lifestyle may not change in the foreseeable future, but we can treat our symptoms with therapeutic massage.

For instance, Swedish massage and other similar techniques are renowned for reducing joint stiffness and loosening muscles. Therefore, you can experience less pain and move with greater ease.

Stimulating the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system plays a pivotal role in balancing bodily fluids and maintaining the immune system. Lymphatic vessels accompany blood vessels throughout the body, and large clusters of lymph nodes are located in the groin, armpits, and neck.

Massage can help drain the lymphatic system, flushing out dead cells, pathogens, and waste products. This facilitates fluid retention and reduces oedema in some parts of your body.

Enhanced Circulation

Another long-term advantage of massage is better circulation. Improved blood flow is a by-product of pressure that moves blood through congested or injured areas of your body. Releasing the tension causes more blood to enter the tissue, while squeezing, pulling, and twisting helps remove lactic acid from muscles.

By receiving regular treatments, you can help stimulate blood flow and supply nutrients to vital areas throughout the body. Thus, enhanced circulation can promote healing in stiff, tense, and damaged muscles.

Helps Your Skin

Massage helps in lowering tension in your skin and connective tissue, enabling blood, oxygen and nutrients to access them more easily. As surface capillaries dilate, your skin becomes healthier, with improved tone and strength. The texture may also feel softer since better circulation delivers hydration and nourishment. The skin is regenerated, retaining moisture easily and replacing old skin cells with healthy ones.

To boost the effects of massage on the skin, many people use massage oils. At Melrose our range of oils assist with sensitive skin types, as well as H20 oils that are water dispersible, meaning they are washed out of towels and linen easily. 

The main oils used to create popular massage oils include sweet almond and coconut oil. Some of the benefits of these rich oils include: 

  • Addressing rough feet and hands – Sweet almond oil is rich in zinc, which can smooth out calloused skin. 
  • Hydrating dry skin – If you have flaky skin, sweet almond and coconut oil may be your best option. Due to the fatty acids, it helps your skin retain moisture and remain hydrated for longer. Plus, both are packed with vitamin E to reduce itchy irritated skin, leaving you with a silky-smooth texture.
  • Reducing stretch marks and scars – As both oils have high vitamin E concentrations, they can prevent stretch marks and reduce scarring.
  • Reversing sun damage – Some nutrients found in sweet almond oil can help reduce skin damage brought about by UV light exposure.

Give Your Body the Care It Deserves

Massage can work wonders for your whole body. From improving circulation to nourishing the skin, it can help you feel more comfortable and reinvigorated. It can also do a world of good if you’re struggling to manage stress, especially with consistent massage. Click here to find our range of massage oils.

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