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Organic Chicken Bone Broth Bombs
Product Description

Convenient and Natural, Nutritional Goodness

  • 100% Australian Certified Organic Chicken Bones
  • Special Freeze Drying Method, Transforming Broth Into A Tasty Bomb Preserving All The Nutrients
  • Source Of Natural Amino Acids, Minerals And Collagen
  • No Additives Or Preservatives, Gluten Free, Dairy, Soy, Sugar Free 
  • Low FODMAP (No Garlic, Onions Or Salt) 
  • Gentle On The Gut 
  • Delicious And Convenient Way To Enjoy The Goodness Of Pure Chicken Broth
Product Details

The superpower that is Chicken Bone Broth.

As far as we can all remember – the homemade chicken bone broth soup was the remedy in every household, a staple that was highly nutritious to support general wellbeing, boost immunity and combat sickness.

Now Melrose Origins has developed Bone Broth Bombs – made from 100% organic chicken bones, freeze dried to to save yourself 24 hours of slow cooking and in an easy to use format as a hot beverage or added to your recipes. These bone both bombs have undergone a 24 hour extraction time to draw out the maximum amount of nutrients from the bones with no added ingredients.

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Convenient, Natural and Nutritional

Made From 100% Certified Organic Chicken Bones

We use only the finest Australian sourced chicken bones to make our nutritious broth and nothing else! You don't want to consume anything not natural, so that's how we've kept it. 

Freeze Dried, not Dehydrated

We carefully freeze dry our chicken broth over a 24hour period, to ensure no key nutrients are compromised and you get all of the goodness! 

Dehydrated foods often lose key nutrients. 

Convenient and nutritious

Save yourself hours of preparation and get the instant gut healing benefits and nutrients of organic bone broth!

Vitamins and Minerals

There are so many benefits of bone broth as it is rich in gelatin and collagen. It is a source of naturally nourishing amino acids and minerals.

The Good To Knows


100% Australian Certified Organic Chicken Bones

What Is Bone Broth?

Bone broth is a soup made by boiling animal bones with marrow, connective tissue and some meat. These are naturally high in collagen, the protein gelatin is derived from. The longer they are boiled, the more nutritionally dense the broth is. 

Leading busy lives can make it difficult to find time to make bone broth from scratch, at Melrose Origins we created first of its kind, easy to use Bone Both Bombs from 100% Australian certified organic chicken bones.

100% pure chicken bone broth without added ingredients such as salt, garlic and onion, making it a low FODMAP food. Gentle on stomach

Enjoy the convenience and delicious goodness of bone broth by simply adding a bone broth bomb into a mug of hot water or into your favourite recipes.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Bone Broth?

Chicken bone broth is one of the oldest healing foods, a nutrient-dense staple that’s easy to digest and rich in flavour and gentle on the gut. It is also a staple in the Paleo diet and the keto diet.

There are so many benefits of bone broth as it's a source of naturally nourishing amino acids, minerals and collagen from organic chicken bone

How Are Bone Broth Bombs Made?

We first make chicken bone broth, using 100% Organic Australian Chicken Bones. Then using a 24 hour extraction process and using a special freeze-drying method which transforms the broth into a tasty bomb preserving all the nutrients without any added salt for you to enjoy the goodness of pure chicken bone broth... simple!

How Do I Use Bone Broth Bombs?

Dissolve 1 bomb (6g) into 250mL of boiling water and drink while warm.

Alternatively, add to your cooking for a heartful flavour boost

May also be used as a base for soups, stews and sauces for a healthy flavour boost.

Discover the superpower that is our Organic Chicken Bone Broth Bombs. 

Homemade chicken bone broth soup is a remedy in households all over the world; a highly-nutritious dish that supports general wellbeing, boosts immunity and combats sickness. 

At Melrose, we’ve developed Organic Chicken Bone Broth Bombs to save you 24 hours of slow cooking time. Our Bone Broth Bombs are made from 100% organic chicken bones, freeze-dried and ready to be enjoyed. They have undergone a 24-hour extraction process to draw out the maximum amount of nutrients from the bones. 

Enjoy your Organic Chicken Bone Broth Bomb as a hot beverage or add it to your favourite recipe.