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At Melrose, we believe that food is medicine and that there’s a deep power in nurturing your body from the inside out. Which is why we’ve been committed to providing nutritious Australian health products to our community ever since we opened shop in 1979.

Whether you’re beginning on your health journey or you’re a health-food veteran, our diverse health food product collections made of supplements, blends and whole foods solely feature ethically sourced, organic ingredients.

Achieve whole body health with our Australian health food products

From certified organic Manuka honey to fortified collagen blends, our collections have been crafted here in Australia to promote whole body health.

MCT Oils and Powders to fuel your body

Whether you’re looking to support your Keto lifestyle, manage your weight, or enjoy a morning pick-me-up to clear the brain fog, our range of organic MCT Oils and Powders are crafted to give you the energy boost you need.

Stir them through your morning cuppa or toss them through your salad dressing and enjoy a long-lasting energy source that’ll help you feel fuller for longer.

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Daily nutrition made easy with Super Blends

Struggle to hit your daily vitamins and minerals intake? Our scientifically formulated Super Blends take the stress and guesswork out of the equation.

From aiding gut health, boosting your immune system, levelling up your energy, and smoothing out your complexion, our Super Blends range features natural supplements that support your body in the ways you need.

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A nourishing Omegas range

We’ve been crafting our omega-rich oils since the early ‘80s, offering a diverse Omegas range featuring both marine and plant-based omega oils.

From nourishing your skin and nails to fueling your cognition and supporting your eye health, our omega health food products are made from ethically sourced ingredients such as organic Australian flax seeds and wild-caught Icelandic cod.

Interested in learning more about omegas and how they support your health? We recommend reading our informative guide.

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Vitamin C for brighter well-being

Looking for some immune support? Our Vitamin C range is abundant in health products such as supplements and sachets that provide immune support.

With regular use, not only will your body be able to ward off this season’s flu strain, but your skin will thank you for it too.

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Kitchen Staples we swear by

From the nut butter you smear on your toast to the palm-free and vegetable-free cooking oils you prepare your meal with, no pantry is complete without these Melrose kitchen staples.

In our Australian natural health food products in this range, you won’t find any GMOs, or artificial colours or flavours, but you will find organic products made from ethically sourced ingredients, and plenty of hypoallergenic options, too.

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Functional Foods to reach for on the daily

Our Functional Foods provide you with a range of staples to support whole body health.

From apple cider vinegar that supports your metabolism to organic Aloe Vera juice that naturally detoxifies your body and soothes sunburns, you’ll want these staples close by and within reach.

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Body Care your skin and hair will thank you for

Our Melrose Body Care range features lotions, massage oils, soaps, shampoos and conditioners to nurture your skin and hair.

Whether it’s your Sunday self-care ritual or a caring back massage for someone close to you, our natural health products are made from organic ingredients, allowing for deep nourishment and rehydration.

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Buy health food products online in Australia

At Melrose, we make it easy to buy health food online in Australia with a touch of a finger.

Simply scroll through our Australian health products until you find what you’re looking for, and buy online.

And, if you spend more than $80 in one order, the shipping’s on us.

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