Energy Boosters & Supplements

What we eat can have a significant effect on our energy levels throughout the day. 

Our range of nutritional wholefood powders and oils are 100% pure and natural to support and maintain natural energy levels, without the side-effects you might experience from stimulants like sugar and caffeine.

Why Are High Energy Levels Important?

Having sustained energy throughout the day is crucial. It helps to keep us mentally focused and our bodies functioning optimally.

High energy levels help you lead a life to your full potential, supporting your focus, productivity, stress levels, and social activities. If you want to increase your energy with natural whole foods and health oils, try Melrose Health products.

We offer several items with organic and sustainable coconut-derived Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). Our body absorbs these substances rapidly, providing an immediate boost of energy. MCTs are also converted in our liver to ketones, fuelling the body and brain for physical and mental performance.

Melrose Heath’s MCT Energy & Exercise Oils contain Lauric Acid, a slow-burning fuel source to provide longer-lasting energy with potent antimicrobial properties.

Plus, our Essential Greens combine some of the most nutrient-rich foods, such as barley grass, spirulina, chlorella, and wheatgrass. This super blend helps to detox and cleanse the body, promoting natural energy.

Energise your life with our energy support range.