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Manuka Honey UMF 5+
Product Description

Immunity Booster

  • UMF Certified in New Zealand From Beekeeper To You
  • Helps Boost Your Immunity
  • A Natural Probiotic (Assists With Improving Overall Digestion)
  • Helps Soothe Sore Throats And Coughs
  • Applied Topically Can Help Heal Wounds
  • 50 Serves Per Pack
  • $0.56 Per Serve
  • UMFTM 5+ MGO83+ Certified For Natural Methylglyoxal Content

Melrose 100% pure Manuka Honey is crafted by honeybees from the nectar of beautiful blossoms of New Zealand’s native Manuka trees, that only grow in the pristine forests and wild coastal areas of New Zealand.

Every jar is UMF independently certified for purity and authenticity at every step from beekeeper to you.

      Product Details

      100% New Zealand Manuka Honey

      A delicious better for you natural sweetener, straight from the jar or added to tea, smoothies and breakfast foods. Ideal for daily use for boosting health and wellbeing.

      Ideal for adding 1 teaspoon (5g) into 200ml of warm water or tea.
      Mix 1 teaspoon into smoothies, yoghurt and breakfast foods or straight from a spoon.
      Can also be applied topically onto your skin to help heal wounds

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      Our Trust Marks

      UMF® (Unique Mānuka Factor) graded Mānuka honey can only be found and produced in New Zealand.

      Each of the Melrose Mānuka honeys have been harvested, packed, sealed and UMF ® independently certified for the natural markers for potency, purity, authenticity and freshness in New Zealand.

      UMFTM 5+ MGO83+ certified for natural methylglyoxal content

      UMFTM 10+ MGO261+ certified for natural methylglyoxal content

      UMFTM 15+ MG512+ certified for natural methylglyoxal content

      Strengthen Immunity, Naturally 

      Mānuka honey is recognised for its immune boosting benefits, that help the body fight off infections.

      Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, help with topical wounds, reduce coughing, soothe sore throats and improve digestive health.

      Taken daily to improve your overall health and wellness.

      Making Healthier Choices 

      We believe in bringing the genuine Mānuka honey experience to honey lovers around the world, with a range of products for those looking for a natural sweetener, through to a more potent honey to support everyday health.

      A delicious better for you natural sweetener!